Getting a scholarship means getting exposure and showcase camps are a great way to get seen.  We’ve seen camps put on by colleges (which often includes current players) and 3rd party camps (which often have former players and coaches).  But what type of camp is best for you?

Well it all comes down to research.

  1. Is it affordable?  Don’t forget to also factor in travel, meals, lodging, etc.
  2. Will you have a chance to get noticed?  How many other athletes will be in attendance – 1,000 or 10,000
  3. Will the college you want to attend be at the camp? Or is this a camp put on by the college you want to attend (bonus points!)?

When you decide on what camp to attend, make sure the coach knows your name. Several weeks before the camp, notify the coaches from the colleges you want to attend that you’ll be there. Sending a highlight reel is a great way to get them interested in seeing you at the camp. Introduce yourself during the camp and thank them for the opportunity before you leave. Be sure to follow up with an email so they know you’re serious about their program.

For further reading and more tips to help you choose which camp is right for you: