You’ve got the talent, you’ve got the drive. Here are some helpful tips to get you recruited, according to USA Today High School Sports:

  1. Grades matter. This is a recurring tip throughout various high school recruiting sites. This is important!
  2. Unofficial visits are allowed and useful. Get a good feel of the campus, visit the student union, try to sit in on a practice. Catch a game.
  3. College coaches are people too. Just be yourself and relax.
  4. Some recruiting rejection is the norm. Don’t take it personal, it’s part of the process. As awesome as you are, a coach may just not need to fill your position, or may see someone else as a better fit.
  5. You are your own best recruiting resource, so take advantage of that. Coaches will want to see your personality shine through and they’ll want to see the person they’ll be working with for the next 4 years. So, again, be yourself, speak up and put your best foot forward.

For more details and in-depth descriptions of these great recruiting tips, check out the rest of the article by USA Today High School Sports.