According to this article by Athletic Scholarships, here are some tips on getting a great recruiting video. Yes, you can do this yourself!  But, if you don’t have the time or desire, let create a highlight worthy video for  you!

You Can Do It Yourself

Or We Can Do It For You!

Put Your Best Plays First

Yup, we do that. Simply fill out your highlight worksheet, indicating your best plays and we’ll put them up front to catch that coaches attention right away!

Don’t Add Music

At Fat Reels, you have an option of music or no music. Any music we use is instrumental and royalty free, so no explicit language and no copyright issues. Remember, coaches want to focus on you and your awesome plays, so no distracting music!

Use Spot Shadows or Arrows

Fat Reels will add a circle highlight at the start of each play so coaches can easily identify you.  If needed, we’ll also add a 1 second freeze frame to make it easier to find you.

Include Your Contact Information and Measurables

When you fill out your highlight worksheet, you’ll include stats, measurements and recruiting contact info for your highlight reel. We add all of this information right at the start of your video. Your name is prominently displayed throughout the video and your information is repeated at the end.

Get High Quality Video

These days, a good camera phone can take good video for your highlight reel. The sample video on our site was shot with an iPad. No video? There’s likely a team mom who may share video with you, or the team coach may take game video to analyze. If you’re unable to shoot game video, shoot a skills video instead.

Keep It Under 5 Minutes

At Fat Reels, we take up to 20 plays and string them together to make a beautiful highlight reel. 20 plays will give you a video approximately 4-5 minutes long.

Put Your Video Online

We’ll add your video to our YouTube Channel and send you a link that can be emailed to coaches.  In addition, we’ll give you a download link so you can add your video to your own recruiting website page.