Skip The School Team

Skip The School Team

Want to play in college?

Are you looking to play in college? Want to keep improving your skills?  Join our “skip the school team” team and work with our collegiate coaches! We’ll practice twice per week, which lets you continue to get great coaching and leaving you plenty of time for studies, college tours, SAT testing, driving practice, band lessons, etc., etc.

  • No overlapping sports schedules

  • Still time for vacation

  • More time to focus on academics

Practice will start at the end of July which still lets you enjoy your summer, whether you’re post-AAU’s or post-Nationals!  We end practice at the beginning of October which means no conflicts with State/Regionals and upcoming tryouts. It also leaves you plenty of days to get to Train-for-Tryouts!  We are making this is as easy as possible!

We’ll set up scrimmages with local schools to ensure good competition. If allowed, we’ll also sign up for a few tournaments to test out our improved skills!

“Yoga in the mountains, where the clouds are almost at your fingertips.”